Other Projects

SIB Amsterdam 2019-2020

As a board member and Commissioner of Promotion at the Dutch United Nations Student Association (SIB), Bob co-lead the daily running, and organisation of academic lectures, travels and a diverse range of events related to international politics and diplomacy. In particular, Bob was in charge of the promotional campaigns for the events and the association, ensuring to reach and enthusiast as many people as possible to come to the lectures, get informed about international developments, make new friends and become a member of the association. 

During Bob's year in office. The lectures attract an average of 80 visitors, and the association reached an all-time record of members, despite the COVID pandemic. 

For the rest, Bob was involved in the modernisation of the online promotion platforms, the professionalisation of the associations' media and led the COVID measures, ensuring that the association functioned as good as possible under the new circumstances. 

Edukans Going Global 2011

To see how money for developement aid is being spent, Bob went with Edukans to Ethiopia as a journalist to visit schools and to meet with local communities. Back in the Netherlands Bob gave multiple lectures for crowds of 400 people about his encounters and experiences to promote developement aid. 

Art installations

Public projection: Zen in the City - 2017
Zen in the City was an art project where people in the public space where able to relax and lie down on a mattrass on the pavemant. While relaxing on the mattrass they would see a projection of clouds in the sky, planets and abstract images that would create an atmospheric, zen and intimate experiance for the viewer.
 This project was an independent project directed and produced by Bob Dimitri Demets in co√∂paration with photographer Sam ten Thij. 

Tribute to Pieter Mondriaan - 2010

Action Man Crucified - 2010

photos for interior decoration  - 2018

If you would like to have my photos as interior decoration for your home, café or office. Please contact me via email.